My Confession – About


I am a Fan-girl and this blog is my confession, a love letter to my fandoms and a diary documenting my findings as I progress through the worlds of anime, manga and otome games.

I am a 25 year old accountant living with my fiance in Hampshire, England with a not-so-secret passion for otome games and an ambition to write one myself some day. Our house is home to a very proud cat, a very grumpy rabbit and a reasonably extensive Star Wars lego collection. I am also one half of the team running Another Earth Collectables, Β and regularly exhibit at conventions across the country meeting wonderful people just like yourselves! When I’m not working, I’m usually crafting, reading or absorbing myself in one of the many fictional universes in which I have made myself a home.

If you’re looking for the unadulterated ramblings of a twenty-something fan-girl then you’ve definitely come to the right place! I’d love it if you’d join me on my adventures and let me know what you think πŸ™‚

Β antoher earth



17 thoughts on “My Confession – About

  1. Hey, wanna say hai. So … haro there!
    I just find u make a request to view my personal blog, but sorry its’ privat. But u can follow my new blog here; Its’ still new, created two days ago actually. X’D So, do something there like drop some comment, if u dont’ mind.

    U have a nice view btw, gud job! :’)

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  2. Hello Rui!
    I just wanted to say: Thank you very much for all your Otome reviews ❀
    I really think that you write them very well and I'm having a blast reading through all of them!
    Before I (kind of) waste my money on a Voltage boy I always try to find your review about him first to make sure I'm not going to waste my money again xD
    Keep up the great work! I'll patiently wait for the next reviews πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey!!

      Thank you so much for your kind comments and I’m sorry I’ve been a little absent lately, work and weddings getting in the way ^^ I’ll get right on some more reviews ASAP, thank you for your patience.

      Is there a specific Voltage man you’d like to know more about? If there is, I’ll make him my next review ^^

      Thank you again

      Rui! ❀


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