First Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul

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First Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul

“Has she been living under a rock all of this time?”

I imagine that is exactly what you all thought when you read the title of this blog post; the honest answer is, no, I’ve not been under a rock but have felt such an overwhelming pressure to give this insanely popular anime a try that I’ve somehow ended up simply not doing it until now. Finally, after much discussion, Jack and I decided to sit down and give ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ some of our time; my first thought? Well… that deteriorated fast…

Having already been given the ‘heads up’ that I would probably feel like I had been thrown into the midst of a nightmare in which the protagonist’s life was changed irreparably before I even had the chance to get to know him, I was somewhat forewarned but I was in no way prepared for exactly how harsh the reality would be. Like countless other bloggers I am going to draw a few comparisons to the beginning of Shingeki no Kyojin, mainly because of one major narrative structure similarity; the velocity in which you are thrust into the action. Continue reading

Real Akiba Boyz – Otakus Got Talent!

There is literally nothing not to love about a group of otakus showing that they have talent by performing complicated dance routines, complete with break-dancing and props, to the opening songs of various anime. This one in particular had me giggling incessantly even after the fourth watch! I love these guys!

Day6 -Setting Me Freely (Free 하게)

“There she goes, enthusing again!”

Hey Guys! Sorry, it’s me again! And I’m back with another dose of enthusing and fangirling! You’ve probably heard me say a million and one times that work has been hectic, life has been hectic and things aren’t quite going according to plan; today is no different. I’ll say it again but I promise I’m not complaining! If we’re honest, I chose to study and work at the same time, and I made the choice to attempt to squeeze anime and reading and crafting into the crevices of my day so I really can’t blame anyone but myself for the fact that I have forgotten what being bored feels like. Instead I am saying this in order to give you some context so that, when I explain why I love this album so much, you will be intrigued and enticed and, hopefully, will fall in love with it as much  (and as quickly) as I have.

It’s always been the case for me that when I am stressed out and my day has not gone so well, I step away from my desk for a brisk march around the block in an attempt to right the over-turned tables in my brain. When I do this I will listen to something heavy (and usually angry) loudly in my headphones in an attempt to drown out that little pessimistic voice in my head in favour of the louder more determined sound of my eternal optimism. For the past few years now, whenever I have felt frustrated to the point of tears, ‘Girugamesh’s’ growling has comforted me, ‘Dir En Grey’s’ Kyo’s voice has banished my demons or the rumble of ‘Kill It Kid’s’ guitars have aided my return to the real world. Though all very different and all brilliant in their own rights, these bands all have quite a heavy focus on big drums, deep bass and powerful, emotional vocals; virtually perfect for those days when you just feel like enough is enough.


So imagine my surprise when, out of nowhere, a quite different and very unexpected EP from a band who I found completely by accident on the day of their debut, would replace all of those growling, heaving and furious balms to my frazzled nerves and become the very ultimate in relief from the daily stresses of an accountant/student/older sister/bill payer’s life.

The band in question is JYP Entertainment’s ‘DAY6’ from South Korea and the EP, ‘The Day’. These six songs by these six seriously talented and really funny guys have made the last few months not only bearable but really quite awesome. The EP takes you on a roller-coaster through breaking up and falling in love with its title track ‘Congratulations’ giving a real twist on that typical ‘bumping into the ex’ song and the whole thing is upbeat and catchy to the point that I can’t not dance and sing along the moment I hear those first few chords. Even ‘Habits  (버릇이 됐어)’, a song focused on the feeling of loss and longing that follows the end of a relationship, does so in a way that almost celebrates the pain as one of the beautiful, difficult parts of being young and growing up.


My favourite songs on the album are probably ‘Freely (Free 하게)’ and ‘Congratulations’ because they offer a feeling of liberation that I haven’t felt from a song in a very long time. I find myself grinning goofy-ly whenever I hear them ^^

To top off an already brilliant start for an excellent band, the members are all very active on social media with guitarist and vocalist Jae Park leading the pack and proving that there is, indeed, someone else in the world who thinks how I do but also, that he is possibly the funniest hashtagger out there.

Day6’s EP is available on iTunes and Apple music, and I really can’t recommend it enough! Now I just need to find some way of convincing them to come to England!

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