My Brief Stint in Print

11855510_10153451464036007_2015173388_nThe last few weeks have been a whirlwind of numbers and spreadsheets but there have been a few exciting announcements along the way which had made the whole thing worthwhile. Alongside this cacophony of chaos, there has been one unexpected surprise which has really given me a taste of a world I never thought I’d get to be a part of.

I entitled this post ‘My Brief Stint in Print’ because that is exactly what it was. Around about two months ago, after a particularly long and rough day at work, I allowed Jack to convince me to write a letter to Neo Magazine, a magazine that I have been obsessively purchasing every month for the past year and a half, just to let them know how much I love what they do and how much their writing has inspired me to embrace my fandoms in as big a way as possible. It was one of the hardest emails I have ever written. I agonised over it. Every line felt wrong and every compliment, exaggerated, but I finally settled on a draft and, before I could second guess myself, I pressed send.

I didn’t get a response from my email and, to be honest, I hadn’t expected one. As time wore on, I forgot I had sent it at all, I continued going about my daily life and, on the release date of the issue 139 of Neo, I wandered down to the WHSmith and picked up my copy just like I always do. It wasn’t until I was sitting at work in my lunch hour, munching on a sandwich and flicking through the magazine that I stumbled across something I really wasn’t expecting… there it was, plain as day, my letter in print!! Not only was it printed in the magazine BUT it was the star letter and I had won myself a free copy of ‘Space Dandy’ Season 2. I was so beside myself with excitement that I called practically everyone I know to tell them about it.11850783_10153451463976007_2008605787_n

In order to claim my prize, and because I was so overwhelmed with joy that I wanted to thank whoever chose my letter, I sent an email to Neo Magazine and spoke to their lovely editor, Gemma. As per her suggestion I sent in a 200 word reader review and got some much appreciated advice in regards to my future plans.

Now that August has rolled around I am very pleased to say that I also have a piece featured in Neo Magazine issue 140 too!


As someone who is usually quite frightened of revealing herself and her writing to people on a wider scale than my humble blog and my wonderful followers, having something in a magazine at all is a pretty major accomplishment for me and I am astoundingly overwhelmed by the very thought of it. I feel like these last two months have given me a taste of just what joy writing can bring me and I hope to carry this feeling with me for a long time ^.^

HAL – A sweet tragedy

HAL – A sweet tragedy


It’s unlike me to deliberately go into something with absolutely no knowledge about the subject matter but ‘HAL’ was one such occasion; I chose it based on character design alone, Io Sakisaka’s character designs to be precise. Having loved the art and story in every one of Io Sakisaka’s manga, I was immediately drawn to that familiar style which was so obviously present in Haru’s design, and I am so glad I was. ‘HAL’ is a sweet tragedy set to the backdrop of a harmonious balance between advanced robotics technology and traditional Japanese landscapes. The story centres on Haru and Kurumi, a young couple separated by death following a devastating plane disaster. I’ve always been fond of medium that deal with the, ever present, issues of grief and depression in new and creative ways and I now count ‘HAL’ amongst my selection of favourites.


In this futuristic universe where using robotics in therapy has become almost common in the medical industry, one particularly ambitious scientist has discovered a binary equivalent for Human Emotion. Can he meld this with an android and save the lost and horrified Kurumi from her deep depression? Continue reading