DECAYS – Secret Mode – The Best Start to a Morning


When I woke up this morning to a message from my oldest friend, Allie, I was a little confused. It is quite unlike her to post on my Facebook wall about something but this news was definitely ‘Timeline’ worthy!

How it managed to escape my notice for such a long time I will never understand, but it would appear that Die from ‘Dir En Grey’ one of my all time favourite guitarists and a man I have been in love with since I was 16, has released a video for his new side project ‘DECAYS’ in which he is, not just a guitarist, but also a singer!!


A bleary-eyed, 6am version of me very much appreciated being woken up to this news and listened to their new song ‘Secret Mode’ on repeat right up until the moment I walked into work! ^.^

The Video is available from Itunes for £1.89 here is a little teaser for your viewing pleasure 🙂 Now to stare lovingly at pictures of Die for the rest of the day!

Hyper Japan – One Happy Otaku

hyper japan largeThe last few weeks have been a countdown for me, a countdown to Hyper Japan. With 16 days to go I was toying with the idea of buying my train tickets despite there being absolutely no discount for booking so early. With 12 days to go I had tried on 6 dresses trying to pick something that would be comfortable and easy for me to move in on what would undoubtedly be a very hot day. With 6 days to go I had begun obsessively listening to ‘Lost Ash’ like, somehow, hearing Daiki’s voice would make the time go faster. By Friday, as I watched the hashtags start rolling in, I began to wonder if my decision to go on the Sunday when it would be quieter and I’d get 9 hours instead of 6; had been a mistake. By Saturday I had completely forgotten how to function because my excitement was too overwhelming.

This was my first time at a Hyper Japan event and I couldn’t help but wonder, when I joined the queue outside the O2 at 9.05am on Sunday morning, how I’d managed to go so long without attending. Though the queue was long and I’d been up since 5.30am (I say 5.30 but, in reality, I probably didn’t really asleep at all) my excitement was such that I barely noticed the time passing.

Right from the start I was spotting recognisable cosplay around every turn including a pretty substantial ‘Fairytail’ guild, about six Kurokos and an adorable Levi in a maid costume and cat ears which made me giggle excessively. Alongside the cosplay, Kawaii culture and Japanese fashion was showcased by both patrons and stallholders giving the whole event a real atmosphere that made me feel (well, apart from slightly under-dressed) like I was being immersed in Japanese culture.

one note

Generally when I attend events I am a woman on a mission, and Hyper Japan was no exception. The moment we gained access to the venue I made a beeline for ‘One Not’e’ who would be playing on the Hyper Live Stage at 9.45am. ‘One Not’e’ are one of the most adorable bands I have ever seen. Despite the early hour and the fact that they were probably jet-lagged as it was, they were able to wow the crowd with their energy. J-rock has been a favourite genre of mine for a good few years and ‘One Not’e’s sound, reminiscent of ‘Spyair’ with a grunge-y undertone, definitely sated a craving I wasn’t aware I had. Continue reading