Love Letter from Thief X – Tatsuro Togoshi – Main Story Review

Love Letter from Thief X – Tatsuro Togoshi – Main Story Review


I have always been a fan of the childhood friend; that wonderful man that she’s known most of her life, who has loved her smile since she first flashed it at him with leaves in her hair and scuffs on her knees. So naturally, Tatsuro had been waving at me for quite some time; his concerned little face tugging at my heart strings every time I opened the app, however there was something that stopped me. By this point I had read every one of the Black Foxes except Atsumu and I had already been well and truly wooed by the dark-side, Tatsuro has a part to play in every route, sometimes minor, sometimes more dominant, but always as an enemy of the Foxes, always a spanner in their plans, with this in mind, the very idea of beginning a romance with, what I now considered to be, my natural enemy, felt wrong somehow. Luckily, I am a somewhat weak-willed person and following a re-read of Kenshi’s route in which my heart began to break for little Tatsuro and his plight, I decided to give in to the impulse and see just how sweet this ‘Childhood Sweetheart’ could be.

In case you don’t already know, ‘Love Letter from Thief X’ is a Voltage Inc. otome game for IOS and Android users which centres around the exploits of a young curator who gets caught up with a group of Robin Hood style thieves who are intent on stealing back her Great Grandfather’s most prized works of art from the criminals who currently covet them. This group of five handsome thieves are charismatic (some more so than others), capable and a whole lot of fun. Below is a promotional video for the app.

So what happened to make me adore Tatsuro so readily? The answer is; he broke my heart. He broke my heart and he glued it back together again with he’s adorable smile and his clumsy pursuit of the oblivious MC, the first girl he’d ever loved. Continue reading